Looking to the Light


We know the place we stand at as  “the truth” when we are holding on to what we have experienced as the only truth. We must be willing to know there is more than what we have experienced available, but we must choose to look out the window to more love, more light. When we choose to take a chance on love and light, we choose those things that are uplifting. This is the only way we can come to know the new experience. Waiting for others to choose for us will always fall short. No one else is in charge of you but you. We must open the window and step out in the light from the shadows we focus on as “the true” reality..

The new level of uplifting is waiting on the other side of the window. Even when we see and or experience more light, we might tend to still trust the shadows as our only way to belong, ignoring the signs, the opportunities, that continue to knock at our hearts, telling us there is a new and more loving way.

We must choose what we surround ourselves with and how we share. Are we in a place that is supporting the loving or are we in a place that is supporting the shadows, dimming out light to sleep?

This is a journey of loving choices, it is all available to all… Waking up can seem counter to what we thought was important. Choosing ourselves can also seem scary and somehow unloving to those around us. When we begin to know true love for ourselves, we know that opening to more love in our own being, “waking up” is the only path that is the pull. It is not a path, it is a way of being you, the spiritual awake you. There is no judgment on what you choose. Remember you are in charge of your choices. Be loving, relax and allow the light to pour over and through you, lead you.

Open your heart and be aware and you will know the way is supported even when you can not see it or have not yet experienced it. Creative love will be uplifting and met by more love.

Be the love open to more…

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