Infinite Gratitude


There is a peace that resides in the Infinite leading to gratitude,  a Being Love.

Full heart that is humming in a still flow of light, the infinite is now. The giving, the receiving breath of God is almost forgetful in our day. Do we pause in gratitude for our very breath that tells us we are well taken care of.? Do we see the light in the stillness? We are…

We know this from the stillness that is laying quiet and full in each of us, as we quiet the outside world, the things we think will make us important, happy, safe, and  finally be grateful. We find that it is here in our breath, in our heart, in the quiet letting go, we know our fulness has no limits, in the quiet we hear beyond what we seek to hear, we know beyond  what the mind seeks to know, we share beyond the doing, we are Living Love in this  Infinite State of Being.

These Infinite moments of awareness can be as soft as a Butterflies Breeze as it lights in the air, yet the knowing memory is imbedded in us. It is what we are and when we allow this “Awakening” there is a knowing it is all here now. The yearning for the past or future fall away, we are humming in the fulness of the abundant infinite creation that we are of. We are Joy, We are Love, We are Grateful, We Are… One…

In this human body time seems real. All of the life experiences that we have registered as us seem real. They hold us in a limited flow of possibility. What would it be like to sit in the infinite flow of now as we are guided like a perfectly harmonized symphony, relaxed co-creating the sound bringing experience into creation? Knowing it is only play, allowing what has been experienced to be nothing, coming back to the Infinite Now. This would be infinite Moments with God.

So take a Breath of Love in Gratitude, Be the Song of God, Know the wonder of Light Song singing through you. In this Infinite State of Being, allow the next step to flow through you in Loving. You will move in this world in Peace and Grace, in the wholeness you are. It is all possible, just move to Infinite Gratitude right where you are. Quiet yourself, Listen, Love, Breath, Be, then Step. You are the Love Song of God. Do you know this? You will know this by being with you in the quiet of Gods Song of Love Singing You.

Infinitely Grateful ~ Now Singing Love


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