Sharing in Freedom of the Heart


When we are in true peace with ourselves, we will be in peace with others. When we are with-holding inside, we will with- hold sharing the joy with others.

There is peace in our center, if we are bound by judgements, by walls that keep us separate, we are bound from our loving sharing inside and out. Our  peace is  only bound in the  illusion  that is the story you hold in those walls.

Dancing freely, sharing our hearts, our joy in gratitude and abundance, creates a  continued  overflow from within. Suddenly we realize there are no limits, only the limits we have made up.

So share freely in love and joy. Share in the abundant treasures of creation from within , in true peace and trust.  You will be met with more than you could imagine, for this is your true state of being. Giving and receiving become one. Sharing is a true inspiration and joy.

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