You Can Not Be the Same and Change


There is a constant whisper tickling us to move, to expand, to become what is within already.  Knowing this is an experience that can be as soft as a butterfly breeze. We can easily be pulled outside for our change but, we find ourselves the same in the knowing there is more. There will be discomfort , yet when we know we are the answer, we take deep loving comfort in knowing it is as close as our breath.

Be willing to stand in the breeze of the light, the unseen, the unknown, letting go of the fears, the limitation thoughts and feelings. As delicate as this can feel, it is liberating within – in ways that you could never imagine as it goes beyond the mind. It is the experience of the heart, the spiritual heart that is always holding in love. Be still and you will allow the connection to sing forward in the resonance of Love.

You can not stay the same and change, the Soul will always be the same Love but, the personality you – will begin to surrender judgement and move to the loving to find the peace it has been seeking. Go within and you will know. Be the butterfly in constant transformation. It is already happening, attune to this fluid song of love and you will know all is well. there is no separation, only misunderstanding, only the illusion that you are not  already Divine. Even when you judge or make mistakes you are Divine.

Be the transformation you seek in the world and you will know the way. Be the Love, You already are… Now open… again and again…etc. It is already.  I am…

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