Today I was listening to my chatter and aware of the discomfort that was dancing around and in my body along with the surrounding energy field .

I heard  from with-in, you share through writing to go to the Love. This is good  a time  to share information on what that really might look like.  I am called to walk through what that might be like with you in this sharing..

This is a process of being in the moment, not waiting for the next moment when you will feel better. Have the intention of I am here now and open to not knowing and feeling really bugged, angry, sad or many others emotions. These emotions and chatter are just temporary but, they are telling you something. A part of you needs to be heard, not pushed out or denied, shamed or judged, just heard.

So take a deep breath and just allow the moment to be okay, maybe place your hand on your heart, listen to your heart beat, this can center you to be available to listen to what might be going on. Listen from a place that might be a loving parent listening to a child who is unhappy or hurt. Let this conversation, the emotion inside you be met with the one who is the Love you are. Comfort the upset, allow it space to release the energy from restriction.  It is not wrong in its existence, yet it is seeking Love through contraction. This restriction most likely has been held inside from long ago and now is a tender spot that can easily be hurt or rubbed wrong. When we contract we shut off the flow of Loving inside and this causes more polarity in our  bodies and can cause illness and disconnect in the world. Love meets Love.

Listen and allow it to be loved just as it is. Have a loving conversation with the one who is upset inside. In this conversation, you might find the answer for the part of you that has been seeking in this area. Be open to not knowing as you just love  and listen to  the hurt  you. This love is not a righteous thing. In righteousness you are in restriction. Be willing to be the innocent one who does not have the answer but, is being held in love from with-in.

You might notice your body and mind begin to relax and let go of the tension it was holding. When we let go of against-ness we become open to receiving. What we were and are seeking is Love. The more we become the source of the Love attuning with-in to that part that is the Beloved , which is always available, we are able to free ourselves of what  we have been holding onto in  negativity. We have a knowing that all is well, and we are loved and love. We know this even if others do not agree with us or do not do what we want them to do. We find that we hold the answer to all that is going on inside and in the outer world in our reality.

We are powerful in our loving essence. This is not an emotional, mental love. It is one that is expansive and willing, like your heart beat. Loving thoughts will flow easily as we move into more awareness of this Beloved one.

This process can be quick and it can take time. there are no rules, be willing to let go through your own listening and loving. This can be amazing as the hurt will begin to resolve itself in the loving. Like water it can flow out and you will fill with the loving light.

Sometimes these places have many nuances and will show up again, this is just another part of it that has not been resolved, do not judge that it is back and the same, it most likely is not the same just another angle that is ready to be polished in Love.

The shame and judgments can be loved and let go of. We only held these as protection. We lay down the hurt, anger, rightness and more. We move to the uplifting love. We move to the unity and solution. We are now becoming free with-in and we are free in our sharing.

We are the Beloved of the Beloved. Be open to this in the innocence of the heart, you will know this as you know your heart is beating.


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