Breath in and relax. Now ~ Breath in Love Now ~ Breath Out Now~ Let Go of waiting.

I chose this image as I noticed I moved  inside to the sound and feeling that I experience when the water drop falls. So I paused and became in the Now with the water droplet as it is in the state before it falls. I suggest you try this and allow the parts of you that are moved to get ahead to let go, calm and just be present with what is.

Now be in the beauty and gratitude of this moment just where and how it is. Do not move to the next thought or desire of the next experience. Be in the fullness of this inside NOW.

What are you waiting for in your life , what is your finally that you believe will make you know all is well and you are Divine? It is not the finish line it already is. Can you allow yourself the fullness of Love of Spirit in your very breath in this moment. You think you know what change is or what it will feel like when the water drops. What if there is an entirely different experience of change within you right now. You must let go of any part of you that holds onto to the next thing, be present and willing in the  Loving innocence of the moment to receive and know what already is within you.

You allow what is to be in expansion of Love and light within right now.

Now love the parts of you that keep wanting to move to the next thing and be in control. Relax and know where you are holds all of that you seek. It is in you , Breathing you, You are the Divine essence of God. It is all here now. When you center to your true spirit ,you know you are the creation and if there is a step or movement coming forward it will be Grace filled and full just as you are experiencing yourself in the center Of love, of God Now.

This drop of water is full just as it is now. When it drops it expands, it lets go, yet it still is the water. Go within and let go of waiting and breath your heart open and be the fullness of the Love Light you are now. It is in the stillness yet the stillness is full of movement in Peace Love and Light. You are in the Presence when you are in this state of being.  This state of awareness is not a separate experience it is whole,it is Love,  it is Clear, just relax into  home.

BE Now ~ Be Love ~ Be Peace ~ It is NOW



2 thoughts on “Now

  1. Jeanne Arnold

    Wow that was beautiful. I am going to read it often over the next few days, dear Christi. So nice to hear your voice and message, looking forward to speaking soon.

    I’m about to drive Mack back to Oregon, my favorite landscape and journey this time of year. I’ll call.

    Italy!!! That looks fun. Good for you.

    Much love, Jeanne

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    1. christi240 Post author

      Sound like life is good.

      Look forward to catching up. Safe Journey. Yes Italy will be an adventure and very sweet. I still have space. I am prompted to remind you I have a Carp Retreat coming up in September. you should thin about it, you would love it. 2 Cottages open still, bring a friend and share. Anyhow love you Christi



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