Make it simple…Gratitude…Great Power of Love

How do we move from fear, anger, hurt, and confusion?

First Breath, then let go on the out breath, Breath and let go. Just like Breath all things come and go. All things lead to a release of things that have been held in the dark. Sometimes when we feel like something is restricting our breath, pausing and becoming self aware, going inside to the calm. Then gently, lovingly and breathing brings peace and we relax.Do not be affrays to be present in yourself. do not seek to avoid the Divine beauty you are by numbing.

In the relaxation we are able to calm the chatter and refocus, knowing we have the power to choose what we focus towards. What we follow. Why not follow your inner Love, your inner peace? From this place we walk a path that is in ease and we are guided in our steps to the uplifting experience. Opening the doors of separation to the light. Nothing can bind us or keep us from our inner light.  We are the Master Key in our lives.

When you calm and breath, you can move to the gratitude in the breath. Then focusing on what is good, loving and here now begins to release the illusion of the dark.

You are a miracle, just embrace this in gratitude and know as you look into your own Beloved eyes, that this miracle of Love is being held and breathed by a Divine Infinite Nature of love. Nothing can stop the Loving force that is the source of all creation. So we focus on the Love and gratitude, moving into full breath of creation. We are inspired. We are the inspiration. It is not outside of us.

Breath…Wakeup…You are Love, You are Loved. Inspiration of light is pouring through every cell. Here the song of God singing you into your next step.

Be the inspiration of Love and Peace you are.




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