Infinite … Now … More… One … ISNESS


Upon returning from an amazing and inspired journey . I would like to share what the Retreat of Peace Walk With-IN  has brought forward so far in opportunities.

What I am most aware of today is the sense of the illusion of safety in a small committed group that gathered in Italy. In that cocooned place, I am aware my safety was most poignant when I was free in my heart open to the infinite love that was present beyond the body. The Body is a vessel of God in its Human – ness. I love this vessel. yet I was aware of the pull for the sense of belonging when I am only aware of that vessel, when I was in the experience of fatigue or other things that opened the vibration of separation. I would look to someone or something to know I had a place.

This was a great piece for me to come to peace with. The moments  I am in the need for a tribe, like a “family is only blood”, or this group is only good as it is, I am limiting my Divine nature to an illusion of separation. I then feel the need to control or maybe the need for things to stay the same. Notice those are the same thing.

I watched as the group was  holding on and letting go. I saw and loved myself in each one of them. Knowing I too have and can carry a sense of separation.

Walking in Rome, Padua,  and Orvieto brought history forward, yet from the altitude of the Light, none of it had power of concern or polarity that could hold in my cells. I might have a moment of remembering yet, not believing, the ability to realign inside to the Infinite now, allowed history to release. Lifting me and all available. Tuscany was the womb we gathered in and shared the process of Healing and opening to the light in the now more, although it is and was portable always. Portable paradise with in.

My personal experience in creating this retreat has been Grace filled as I was willing to let go at every turn of what I thought I wanted and opened to being  guided in the unknown. Never pushing through the mind yet, allowing the creativity to come forward through loving  and then allowing what was  for the highest good to shine and direct  the next step.

In this journey which seemed cocooned, I am more aware of opening to more Love and more people to share with. The cocoon is infinite in spirit in me. I felt constricted when I thought of keeping everything the same. I am not  ATTACHED  to what was, while I am grateful for what was. and will use it to learn from and expand. I am also excited, open in the knowing that there is more beyond what I have experienced and know at this moment.

This beautiful Retreat was inspired,  allowing the love – light to show the way.

Imagine living in this world trusting in sharing with others in this freedom of Love and inspiration, in the  abundance that we all can know we are. This is not limited to one tribe, We all are Gods Tribe. The Illusion is that we are separate.

More to come… In Love and Gratitude.


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