Abundant Flow

How do we stay open to the unknown in abundance?

Being in abundance and continuing to keep the innocence of the flow with out stepping into control, retraction, or holding on tight to an outcome.  Being the abundance is the outcome and the source of flow resonates with you, through you as you are open to the flow.

If we approach something out of lack, most likely we will experience an outcome of lack. If we try something with abundance in our heart, being open to giving ourselves over in abundance to the situation we are available to receiving in the same way.

We all carry doubt and fear, yet when we step out of our comfort zones with the willingness to free the doubt and fear, we are inviting the Divine flow to shine its way into our lives in ways we could not imagine. It can become a joyful game of Love and Trust even when we do not know how. We must take a leap to know. If we sit in the same situation and expect it to change with out taking a step into a new and unknown way we are not doing our part, we are giving a message of Lack and Fear and that is what we experience more of.

This is an infinite creation and it goes beyond the mind knowing and what we can see. There are constant possibilities presenting themselves, we must have an open heart and eyes that soften with that to see the offerings. Keeping the old stories running, looking through the eyes of the past, fear, and upset or  holding to the belief there is only one way  out, is a trap.

There may be amazing doors waiting for us to step through but , we keep looking at the one door we thought it should be or look like. Maybe even waiting for the door we stepped through to change so we can finally have what we want. the door is not going to change we change and step to our freedom in the Flow, softening to the heart and unknown infinite flow of Love and Abundance. We take the step through a new door and see there are many more awaiting us.

Take the time to go within and bring tenderness to the places that are in control mode and retraction. Be friendly and ask yourself if you can take a step towards the freedom you are seeking. This step resides within you, as you breath, relax, and let go, suddenly you are opening to the unseen flow to help you move to giving and receiving . Giving can be giving up the control, the fear, or holding on to what is not working, now there is space to receive. You may now experience a door opening you never noticed before. you have changed your view , your reference is love and abundance.

You are standing in a waterfall of Light and did not know it. you are soaking wet in Love and Light but, have felt thirsty and possibly like you were drowning. Look up, breath, open your heart and let the light pour on and through you. Cleansing you of the distress, now you are in a shower of Love and Light, floating in the Divine Stream Of God. Infinite Love is your source, let it guide you out of the cave you believed you were stuck in. Take a chance, take a step, you will be met as it is present already.

You are Loved. You are Love.



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