Today I am inspired to share my gratitude to all those who have taken part on this path of Light in my Life. I also will include those who I have yet to meet.
Like everyone, I am in constant opportunity to let go of what I hold between me and God. These stories, positions, wants, judgements, and more all are serving up more opportunities to Heal in Love, to know freedom is within.
Each one of you bring your own courageous self when you show up to allow the Light to shine more in your awareness, challenging the places that you hold on to you in  limitation, choosing to know you do not know how to step free and stepping forward to let go and let God, the light become your guide, Even when you do not know how.
I too step into this everyday, loving all the parts of me that forget, sometimes these places will need a little more polishing with love to relax and let go. 
These have been abundant times of refection. The world is showing all of us through our reactions and more, where we hold onto fears, judgements, more separations. This is all inside of us. I am grateful to have the opportunity to let go more. To love More, to be…Love…To share Love…
I thank each of you for bringing your stories, your Beautiful selves to me to share in the loving Light transformation. When you lift we all lift. When I lift I know we lift.
So I bow down to you in gratitude and love. Thank you for joining me in this dance of love even when it seems to be challenged. This is what we came to do, we are on the Path of Love Light and Joy…
In gratitude Love Light and Joy


  1. Susan Forkush

    Bellissima! And God really wants me to hear this because I got 4 copies from you!

    In love and great great gratitude!

    Sent from my iPhone




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