Vulnerable – Sharing – Communication


I have this wonderful heart that is always opening to what I am. Love is the inspiration that is the motivation of Life. The Love I am speaking of is innocent, it is one of Spirit that has no limit.

I also know that my physical levels are not completely free in Love. My life is a constant opportunity to Love. I am also presented with energies, situations, that challenge this with-in me daily, and sometimes moment by moment.

I have found being able to be still and with my self on the Inner allows the discomfort to surface, then to let go to the Loving Light. When we are constantly trying to push away what is going on, it does not disappear it moves to the subconscious and will run our lives in separation. We may tend to put walls up in communication, by constantly trying to control communications.

I challenge you to be with yourself in Love, in the discomforts that may be pushing you to control your relationships. We may draw controlling people to us, as they are reflections of our own way of sharing.

I surrender to those parts that want to be right, want to appear completely perfect. I give up to them in Love, and they relax, and suddenly I am,  my vulnerable innocence . This is a powerful place, as I am focused in Love, my goal is a being- ness, which has no need to control, or prove anything. In this surrender, I am one sharing in Love and intimacy with those who choose.

I am grateful for the peace in my Life.  In the Peace I continue to be challenged to know, be a greater Love. These things go Hand in Hand.  So this is an experience of greater knowing of the Beloved with-in. This is an experience that knows when challenges show up, there is a loving calling to awaken in places that have been hiding in separation.

Be willing to be still and know what comes up is a place that is calling for Love. Attunement of the Spiritual heart will be a gift of constant expansion. To expand we must be willing to be honest, vulnerable, and intimate with ourselves, which leads to more intimate relationships.

Open your Heart. You are the Beloved.

In Love


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