Authentic – Innocence …


When we share do we want to control, be in charge, be special, or do we share a moment now, in vulnerable freedom, in Love. Do we Love the messy one, do we Love the childlike one, do we Love the one who has no answers? Do we Love the controller?

There are plenty of mud puddles for us to play in – in this world. Sometimes we jump in just for the fun and sometimes we stumble in as we weren’t watching where we were going. What is our intention?

Do we see each others through Loving eyes or do we look at each other and only see what we need or how separate we are?

Our relationship with our  ourselves is key to all our relationships. If we ignore parts of ourselves, pretending to be okay or to always be happy, having resolved and have all the answers, we are in separation. The innocence of our childlike way is one that has many facets, as we open and experience these places in a loving way, we begin to resonate Love, once again opening to the Beloved with-in. Loving the one who stumbles into mud holes and is willing to move to play or maybe be upset in play. All is perfect.

We are here to experience and as we awaken to the Beloved with-in we know we do not need to be fixed, we are seeking Love and we have this answer. This is a Love that is beyond the mind and emotions, when you relax and allow, you allow the Divine to step forward in your awareness. Let the mind, control, and want go, be willing to give up to knowing the unknown in innocence. this can be very challenging , Love that too.

We hold all this in our hearts and our entire being- ness becomes awakened.

Is your intention Love or is your intention coming from a place of lack? It does not matter, are you willing to be honest and allow all this to come forward in Love? The place of lack is only calling for love, this is the place that holds you in separation, allowing all parts to surface with Love awaiting can be an amazing way to live your life.

These few words do not give much on the experience, I just wanted to offer food of Love to those places that are feeling muddy. Lets jump in and see what comes. We will make mud pies and find the hidden gem in this dance of Life.

The Gem is you Beloved one. Open your heart to all facets of you and Love will prevail.

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