Now is Love


The center is the infinite resonating

Love. Is this the intention you are in as you are walking your life?

Take a moment, look at the infinity symbol, see where your focus falls. Just be aware of what may come up for you.

Now choose to focus within the center, notice this is all happening inside you. Be aware of what you experience  as you choose the center, there is a heart there. What does this represent to you? Where is this in you? Is there a place you are more aware of? Does it feel full and whole or does it feel a sense of want, lack, need, lonely , hurt, or maybe anger, there can be many things that are there.

All is well, we are just observing and allowing what is quietly or maybe not so quietly occupying or co- occupying your Loving. If you notice a distraction from your loving, does it pull to the left or right, does it live somewhere in your body? Does it have something to say? Now take a moment and listen, put your relaxed love self hat on and listen in neutral kindness.

Give this place that is in separation space to be heard and to be met in Love with-in, invite the Beloved one to assist you in this. just be open to the unknown knowing in Love. You may experience a deepening of your breath. Allow this loving breath to lift you and let go of what is holding on in separation. If you have judged or told yourself a story of lack give that Loving forgiveness. Be kind. Love that place that is in misunderstanding.

When you experience a shift, maybe more space within, more relaxation, more peace in love. know that is you. Complete Love, infinite Love in the center of it all, even when we forget.

Now notice where you are in your body. Place your hand on the center of your chest and breath in the love and Breath out. Repeat as many times as you wish to.

Now walk in the loving you are and share in this being ness. It is now…now…now.

In Love and Light


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