Divinity Within – Peace in Being Love


To walk in our human-ness and be. What does that mean?

When we are in our present presence in Love awareness, there is peace and ease.

Every time we are pulled to focus out in a way that creates energy fields that keep us seeking what is in us, what we are, we feel the need to do from a place of looking for satiation. . This is the dance we do with ourselves, with the Beloved. We are always in and of the presence  as it is Breathing us. To know this, is an experience that knows the Bliss as we walk in this world of distractions.

This is a life to be lived, how we choose to focus is what we will be experiencing.

I have a challenge for you, every time you feel pulled to do something from a place of want, desire, or need, a sense of separation from your peace being center, take notice. Take a moment and pause, breathe in and focus on your heart, your loving. Breathe in the love and Breathe out the need or want or whatever is coming up. Repeat this until you are breathed in and out love. Giving and receiving are One. Become what already is by choosing you in the Beloved. To know the Beloved within is to know the Beloved in all.

Start with you, it is all happening inside you. You will no longer have a need to try and fill up with something from the outer, You only create more sense of separation and continue to chase yourself. The illusion is the distraction, to choose back within allows the Being in Love, less interference allows the Beingness, the knowing to continue to expand.

To know the light is to lighten the magnetic substance we have created. Love – Spirit will sing you as you are One. You will know this as you make yourself available to the Light you are.

Breathe and be Breathed, Love is the elixir, you are so bright can you handle it?



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