Loving the Confusion



I am always aware that what I see and hear may be and probably is different than others are seeing and hearing. Sometimes this can be so different it may be confusing and  a bit disturbing to some.

I have a process of remembering that even what seems like a mistake to one person is perfect for another, and I may not understand why.  We do not see the same. What we are is the same Beloved. We are Love and this is where all of this will be revealed and resolved.

I started to use this for myself when I felt someone misunderstood me or vice a versa. When I do this I move to my heart and Love my own confused one. Then I thank God for putting me exactly where I am.  Gratitude opens my heart. I find that as I open my heart in gratitude, the very thing that seemed to be creating separation in me or with others which is the same, starts to clear inside.

When we are willing to let go of separation, and open to understanding and sharing. We  start to let go of  positions that put us in separation. Even if we miscommunicate or hear or see something that seems off, it is temporary and can shift if we choose to open our hearts to clarity in Love.

The path of life in this dimensions is reflection.. There is plenty of opportunity to see and hear from many places inside, because that is where it is all happening. So take time to attune to your Inner Beloved and clear the fog, the denial, separation, the hurt and more. Love is always available.  Be willing to dance in the Light and know there is always opportunity to love even if your toes were stepped on while dancing.

Slow down, reach into the loving inside, forgive, forget and swing open to all Loving opportunity that is present and more.

Remember what you see is not always what you get.  What you see may be what you co-create. What eyes are you looking through? Be kind to yourself, let go of the separation, and open your doors of love. Look through the eyes of the Beloved, hear through the ears of the Beloved,  and speak through the voice of the Beloved. You are the song of God…You will harmonize with others in this, in ways that awake you to One Love.

Breathe in the Love and Breathe out the separation, hurt or more, Breathe in the love, Breath out the fear and negativity. Breathe in the Love Breathe out, Breath in the Love, Breath out the love, Breathe in the love , Breathe out the Love, Feel yourself, you are love, continue as needed or wanted. You are the Beloved, Be love.

Happy Monday …


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