Tis the Season of Expanding Divine Love


Tis the season…of Divine Love Awakening Here and Now…

I offer you Love in Kindness, Tenderness, expanding letting go of the places the restrict, confine, deny, and more. I offer you Breath, remember yourself in the breath of love…

Breathe in the love, Breathe out what is restricted. Breathe in the Love, awaken your self in the present breath, be in this, as it is constant. If you with -hold this breath, you deny yourself the Miracle of God Love, – Breath – Breathing you. You are One Breath.

Celebrate in kindness, love tenderness and joy. When you experience a push that is disturbing, remember what is pushing you may be pushing against love, as the LightLove  is awakening the places that withhold in doubt, judgement and more.

Be present, Be kind, Be Love, Be Breathed in Love.

Blessing of Love and Light to You and All…


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