Awake is Light. Awake is experience in awareness, clear, nothing weighing you down, or numbing you.

To awaken, is to release the things that stand between the Spirit within and your awareness of that,- that is you. To know the Spirit within is to be present in what is. This may have discomfort as we traverse the creations of illusion that have distracted us. Be willing to be present in the discomfort and open the healing the awakening, letting go of the very thing that is the discomfort.

It is your choice, when you are ready to awaken, you will know no other choice. It is a beautiful heart opening – expanding experience. The shadows are just that and as you know the Light, you are no longer interested in the shadows, the illusions that numb and distract you.

You are the key to all of this. Nothing can do it for you. To know your own Divine Power is to take a chance on yourself. Stepping off the ledge into flight requires courage in Love.

Trust the love, this is what we seek and this is what we doubt. Be brave, look inside and love all that you are pretending is not there, all that you shame, blame and hide as if it is not worthy of Love. To Love the unlovable in yourself is key to the infinite love that ignites the night in Light.

Light up your love, Love your shadows until they Light the night and the infinite flow begins to be present.

Be the Love, it is present .

Be awake to know this love is never ending, only expanding the places that forgot.

Be Love awake…


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