New Moment – Ringing in Every Breath


We are on the count down calendar of 3 more days until we ring in the New Year!

We all know this is where a collective focus happens to let go of old patterns that seem not to work and look at creating a new way of living. We even celebrate the opportunity as if it is the gift of renewal we are given every 12 months.

I have secret… You can start your renewal every moment, letting go of the old and breathing in the renewed love in those places and spaces that seem to stumble.

Celebrate every moment as a new opportunity to refine your inner world and opening the outer world –  uplifting in Light – Co- Creating an inspired loving life. This starts and continues in your own inner world.

I would like to suggest you start right now. Take pause, see the thing that seems most challenging to you, open your Inner eyes and heart, and ask for the door to open inside of renewal and inspiration through Grace. Remember we hold the key to the answers of healing and co-creating in new ways every time we open in vulnerability, using it as a stepping stone. This world is happy when we walk with our own heart open and when we stumble we know it is an opportunity,  not a failure that keeps us tied down.

Take time to use the Loving and forgive the judgments that have held you in a place of negativity,  not knowing how to release this place can seem daunting. Once you loosen your grip of the mind, emotions and ego as God, you will begin to allow the inspiration beyond any of that,  to guide you through these steps, you will experience  this journey of love Awakening.

Breathe in the renewed Breath of love and the renewal of your Soul vision will begin to resurface in Grace. This may take time but, you are worth it, as you are the key. Allow those who can reflect and assist to do so. Do not hide, you are not alone and once you allow the light to shine on , in and around you, there is nothing hidden anyway. So be free in your celebration and allow this opportunity of renewal and new focus of co-creation to be available in every Breath. Breathe. Let Go, Breathe, Let Go, Breathe, Let God… Repeat as needed. There is a Loving Plan for all, You must open to the unknown through love, even when we are afraid of being seen in all our ways of being and creating. Keep Breathing in Love Focus…You will awaken in time.

I Celebrate You, Now You Celebrate You.

In Loving Service



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