Freedom Love – Celebration


Celebrate the love. Love is Freedom.

Remember that Love is not something we control others with. We are love and others will show up in our lives being and doing what they be and do.

We learn to accept, celebrate, allow others to take care of themselves the way they do and know Love is present.

When we put a behavior expectation on others to know we are loved and they deserve our love we are now creating separation inside and this creates more separation in our relationships. We are responsible for our own experiences. When we want and feel unwanted, we have done this to ourselves . Take time to know yourself and allow the loving to wake inside, as you do this, you celebrate the sweetness and there is no wall or lack. This may take time to explore, do not judge the process, accept, allow and remember love is present, infinite in supply.

Celebrate the Freedom of love Flow, enjoy the way others walk in the world and be at peace with yourself and your walk. Let Go – Let God. Flow…

In Loving Freedom.


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