I was writing freeform and exploring,. I stumbled into an awareness of a place that had been holding in survival and as I wrote that word, immediately THRIVE came out on the page. It did not only come out on the page it came out in my cells and my entire being knowing.

The willingness to keep exploring beyond the mind, is full of Grace opportunities. Yes I was writing but, I call in the light and do this with an intention of Spiritual assistance in giving up the things I am hiding and holding onto. This can take time and can be uncomfortable even boring at times. The thing is…I am worth it and so are you.

It is not about being perfect, it is about Love, these places that hold on, are in resistance to Love, to giving and receiving as equal THRIVING energies. One is not better than the other, one is not stronger than the other. It is only what we put on these things that we experience. Control is in all of this, feeling lost or out of control tends to push us. That is not bad news but, how we use this push will be the opportunity to give up the hiding, restrictions the control, in order to be inspired through – in Love Flow. If we are in a block experience , the answers will not come from running around looking  in the outside world to know. It is the very time to go in and explore ,to unlock the doors of resistance, fear, hurt, and more.

Remember, you are the key to all the doors. You are supported in the journey, open your Spiritual eyes, this is done by being willing to move towards love and going inside, beyond the mind chatter the emotions and physical, it is about the Heart. When we do this and it can take time and patients, with a focus of God or whatever you call it, we will begin to experience a lighter more expansive inspiration. There are no limits to what is available, so being open to go beyond what we know or see already is key. The unknown is full of Love, full of joy and infinite inspiration. We can move in this world in this flow.

This flow is ever expanding so, we will continue to find more opportunity to let go, let God falling in Love inspiration. There is no finally, we will always be moved to expand inner Love and in this we find the places of separation that lead us to the freedom letting   go in Grace moving into Peace in our lives, with ourselves and others. Then there is no sense of lack. Overflow in Love, inspiring all we are, do and share.

Use these places as gifts to unlock, unwrap and receive the Gift you are and that awaits. It is not a problem, it is Christmas.



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