Joy -Freedom of the Heart

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I talk about revealing the places that are in separation, with holding, hurt fear and more to awaken in love, it is a path to freedom in Love. All the information is within you.

The beauty of this is you become free in yourself and this brings a knowing of the Divine, which brings a knowing peace,  joy and love, and all is safe, you awaken the Divine awareness and once you are in this, nothing is bad, all is an opportunity.

This allows  clarity in your intentions, hearing the inspirations of love directing you in your life. In your day to day. Even when it seems challenged you are still in awareness of the love that is present and is your source. Even when you feel down you know it is just a passage to something inspiring you to surrender in Loving flow. This takes vulnerable courage.

I was listening to an interview with a “Life Coach”, she used the expression “wins”, this is not new but, I was thinking how I celebrate or over look my “wins’. Then I was aware that all of it is a “win” as I keep opening and being present with what is.

The summery is you are a “win”, and when you judge yourself or others you are creating a playing field of unworthiness or worthiness. You even build your world around this process. You collect others in your life that play the same way. seeing themselves and others through a lens of wins and losses. Giving value to yourself depending on what you have put on yourself that moment in an experience  or day, etc.. Your own self talk in these life experiences and sharing feed what is resonating –  inspiring you from within. This can not be just a mindful overcoming it involves unconscious patterns, karma’s that are running you. So you choose to let go in an unknown dance of Grace Love, through honesty and loving all of it. giving it up to God. Going with-in to that which is infinite is key. Meditation opens these doors. Even if you do not feel or know what is going on, your intention is a surrender to the Divine. you will be met as you open to the Beloved you and the all. God. ( you can call this what works for you. The infinite Love )

It is all you. When you are willing to Love you and all of you, the ones who stumble are included. Actually the ones who stumble are your best friends, they reveal the illusions that are keeping you in a narrow controlled reality. You may have spent lifetimes building those stumblers. The stumbler is the teacher calling you to expand in your learning and loving as you get back up. So it is all a “win.”

Celebrate yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to know unconditional love and create a life from with-in this. This is in you. So you start within, not outside.

God is Breathing you, it is Divine Love Flow. It is present always, all you have to do is choose a shift of acceptance in what is present, open to loving expansion through exploring your inner worlds of creation, unifying in Love. Manifesting a Loving Life which includes all.

Exercise Suggestion: Notice your reactions as you go through your day. When you retract anywhere in you mind, heart, body, emotions, Notice what you tell yourself in challenges or even when things are “good.” Notice how you are not relaxed in flow in yourself.

Take a pause – move to acceptance – bring love Breath in and Breathe out any thing that is in separation. Do this repeatedly, notice where you are hiding and Breathe into those places in Love until you feel relaxed – there is no want or resistance. Then open up your Love eyes more and allow what is or was to be information, all is is fine. Nothing to grab or repel, shut off.

Now you may be aware you told yourself something was good or bad. Just take a moment and see how it is to listen to what you may be needing or wanting or judging inside on yourself or others. Separations show up.

There is no right or wrong just information. Now sweetly give those stumblers, who are in separation from flow of love, a safe calm acknowledgment. Then Forgive yourself for judging yourself for what ever you judged in you, even if you judged another, there is a judgment on yourself in that. Do this in love. You just did that because you are learning to let go of the illusion that everything is outside of you and you are powerless to what is happening. You have choice, and you are Divine but, do not know what that is in those moments of separation.

Awakening is a life journey, so relax, let it flow, there is no finally. You will always have more fodder as long as you are in this body. This becomes play.

No worries, you will find more ease and play in your life as you open your inner worlds. You probably will redefine ease and play, joy and love. There is infinite Love, infinite possibilities .

I am still dancing in this process and I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do this in  Loving  awareness. I am grateful to have the opportunity to share this ever expanding journey of Love – of God here now.

In Loving Service



2 thoughts on “Joy -Freedom of the Heart

  1. Susan Forkush

    I’ve been reading this paragraph by paragraph to Rose and we’re discussing it. So beautiful! Thank you!

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