When we are in our center, Peace is present. When we are experiencing disturbance Peace is present.

Keeping our eye on our center, our Inner eye awake to the Divine flow allows change to expand us in ways that create more flow, more freedom within and the outer is more free in our experience.

Our Inner walls that we build as defense, separation keep showing themselves as truth, when they are the limited reality that is running us. Our lives become limited and more separation appears through making something wrong or someone wrong, this will keep us in a spin. Our hearts retract and we begin to build more walls, more specialness, more need.

I know about this walk as I am always working with theses places. The unraveling has been an amazing challenge at times, but, the one thing I know even when I don’t know it, is that no one else is causing my disturbance. I am responsible for me and my own walls are promoting, or allowing the disturbance. If I allow myself to be honest, which is hard for most, I allow my heart to move forward open my Inner Eye in Spirit and I experience the willingness to be present and heal, let go, let God.

Blame is never real, though that can be how it looks. Shifting the source of my life to God which is breathing me, allows me to know nothing is wrong. In this I am free to Love and flow in freedom within and this spills out.

I know this walk is a constant polishing and I am challenged over and over to choose the Freedom, the Love, empowering my Soul to lead.

Self protection is not in resistance it is in upliftment. Protection comes forward as I uplift and take responsibility for my own creations. All this experience is my co-creation. Understanding this is not about judgement, it is about compassion in love. If I can Love myself in all of the messy, I experience  how all that has been brought forward has been a gift to free me of my own walls. The need to feel I need protection, that there is something to fear. Fear is information. These are times I am in retraction. This does not mean I agree to take part in everything, as everything is not for me to take part in. Self discernment in my loving center is very different than when I am in a shut off place.

Karma will feel very charged and real, be willing to be with it in a focus of love winning over the walls of fear, victim or separation. This stories will keep us running. Karma is the illusion and is our opportunity to uplift in Grace. ( There is family Karma, There is collective Karma, There, personal Karma, and more, yet it all is part of the One, the whole of all). As we choose to be a responsible Co-creator and heal these places of separation walls we unlock the Karma of the Planet and more. We are the pebble in the pond affecting each other, wether we are aware of it or not.

This takes willingness to know the Beloved resides now within each of us. Choose in love to reveal what has been our withholding and thank all those who show up to present us with our challenges. They are just a messenger revealing to us the places we have been with-holing the Divine flow.

There is no wrong in the process, be willing , Be Love and it will unfold in Grace through honesty. Looking at how something has served us instead of seeing our selves as victims to any of it, is key to freedom and change. Change is not about wrongness, as all of our experience is to be the unfolding , the alchamy of the places that have been holding in separation of the Divine that is present now in us. This is the journey of the human awakening to the Beloved.

Many Loving Light Blessing in Each Breath – Be Free in Love…



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