love magnet

Welcome the Love inspiration…

Happy New day, new breath, new opportunity, inspiration of love.

Be present and allow what ever is happening to relax away. Go within and be aware of your heart beat, your breath. Breathe – listen open –  let go – let love – let God.

Be Love inspired as you are actually the inspiration of God Love. Take a chance and quiet yourself, love the places that are in resistance, closed off, in survival, Breathe in the love and allow yourself to be in flow. Be open to the Love that is present and is available.

Consider what your life would look like if you were inspired in Love. Shift your intentions to begin with love, be the love and allow the inspiration from this uplifted place to flow out. Creating a loving environment within allows the outer to be inspired in this way. Love Inspiration.

This is a sweet moment by moment choice. If you notice you are in negativity, just pause and open to the loving breath, bring love to the place that is in need to judge and resist, it is only a place that is feeling in lack. Forgive yourself for judging your self and others. Bring love to that place that does this as it has forgotten that it is Love and Loved.

Love Inspiration will allow flow and support. Be open to receive and give in ease.

Be the Inspiration of Love you are. There is no lack.

In Loving Service




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