Gratitude – Appreciation – Love


I am…Grateful – Love

When we forget that infinite love is doing all of this, we may move into lack and restriction.

Take a moment – take a breath , take another breath, open to your own Love, in Gratitude. We find our center when we move to gratitude , our eyes and heart open and we are available to the flow of love of light that we are seeking.

Remember – look for your gratitude and you will find the answers will become more clear. Love will bring the answers. Love is the answer, in gratitude, to give and receive it is one flow.

I am Grateful Love, I am Grateful for all the challenges that bring me back to this place of knowing Love is present and that the very things that seem to be a problem are showing me where I am forgetting the love and gratitude flow that I am.

I am grateful for all of you known and unknown. I am present n Love and Gratitude.

I suggest you try this –  see how it goes, maybe you will let go of something that is keeping you in separation.

Happy Celebration of Gratitude – Love

Enjoy the Gratitude click the song link.


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