Gratitude – Love – Acceptance ( Re-post – with important correction, I love my typos..)


When I forget or feel confused about my focus of my life, I move to gratitude love. I move back inside to the simplicity of myself, my sweetness that is Love.  When I do this I begin to relax, and let go of the worries and fears. I let go of the confusion and begin to open to alignment of receiving. When I open to receiving a flow of giving and receiving begin to walk me in my life inside and out.

Be Grateful for yourself, the one who stumbles the one who gets up again, the one who is always there loving even when you forget.

Renewing your love everyday, starts inside you. The places you put down or ignore.  Renew in Love. These are the places that are here to be loved and unified in the Beloved Heart you are.

You are the caretaker of this sweet being of love who has forgotten what it is. When you allow yourself to awaken from within, you begin to be a more compassionate person for yourself and others.

Creativity comes from the Divine flow of Love. When we are in restriction, control and judgments inside, we are not allowing our Divine connection of receiving and giving flow.

Take time to move into Gratitude for the small things, the one inside that keeps showing up. Be gentle, be kind to yourself, you will find kindness overflows to others. The challenges that are coming forward are calling us to move inside to the loving, as we heal the hurts and confusion, the flow of love begins to be present where there seemed only to be limitation.

Gratitude is a simple tool or more of a remembering to ourselves in Love, We are the Beloved – of the Beloved being opened to the Spirit of Love Remembering ourselves. We will be seeing and living though those God eyes of love. Our Inner Eyes see the world from this perspective of our experiences that have been patterned in, so awaken to the love and we will see the solutions the up-liftment is present even in the disturbances.

We will be more available to the solution of Harmony when we become that Harmony that Love. It starts within us.

I Gratefully take my next breath, I am Grateful for my Loving lungs that receive and give life to this Divine body. I Gratefully share my inspirations with you the reader. I am grateful for your loving eyes and heart that receives what and how it does. A flow of Light Love connects us all. I am Grateful in the present in the Presence.

Be the Love You Are…


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