Journey of Love – In Flow

Love Flow. What does that look like?

There is a flow of freedom within that allows ease in a simple inner love that is present.

Our days are ours to experience, they are created and experienced through our focus our inner patterns. What would it be like to be focused and resonating from within a temple of love that is simple like your breath, it is present and supported without you thinking about it. There is a knowing that you are breathed. Maybe some people have challenges in this area, as we know in these times this has been a focus. Not having breath, feeling out of control.

What if we bring our focus back inside to love and relax, we can find expansion, ease and grace. Support comes to us,. Overwhelm falls away. this can be a moment by moment practice depending on what you are dealing with.

I know there are many challenges , our world is on “lockdown” but, our inner world is actually infinite in what we are , our freedom flow, our power comes from a sense of love that is present, even in challenges. When we get mental and try to figure things out we can create many doubts and feel restricted in what appears to be running us.

I know that if I take a timeout, go inside, and bring breath, love, and allow the unknown loving to percolate in me, calling in the light to remind me to be available ,I receive, I calm down, my inner vision begins clear, I see there is more available beyond what I have been focused on. Maybe it was a disturbance, of some sort, I have the opportunity to choose to align in Spirit – Loving,, it is choice to let go and say to myself, I am free in my loving here and now inside. I find the places that have restricted come forward for the loving and I can see through my loving grateful eyes all that is abundant in the moment in me and what is. It can be as simple as the awareness of love resonating in me. Nothing may change outside and no one else is needed to know this Love flow but, others can reflect. When I am aligned in this sweet place, there is freedom in me and I open to the joy, the abundance that is available.

This journey is one of love, we can all choose it, consider the places inside that are in restriction are just not feeling safe or more. Maybe you feel you need to be right or feel wrong, let go of a position, open to the healing balm. The answer is to be present and allow your loving focus in your heart, yes, you may need to think of someone or something to get it moving. Once you experience this, it is you, it is in you always. BE open to know this Divine Love is your infinite , never failing support. We will find our health, our life begins may have a sense of ease and we may find Grace begins to appear, as we let go of the against, restricted fears, open to the Loving outcome.

Just take a moment each day to appreciate all the beauty inside and you will see through those eyes – beauty is present. Let your mind quiet and your heart open, Receive the flow of Love, expand and allow what comes forward to either let go, or inspire you.

I am grateful to be present in this time of inner opportunity. When I get pulled in overwhelm, I know I have left my inner connection and given something or someone my focus , my power. They can’t have it but, as everyone can stumble into the sense they need something to know they are valid, good, safe, supported, loved etc. I go back in a realign with me and the God that Breathes me, we are one Love flow. This life is an inside job. Embrace you inside, and be – follow the Love.

In Loving Gratitude – Overflow of love


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