Fall and Spring Love Flow…

Infinite Supply – Infinite Opportunity

We are in full flow of 2021, so much letting go and so much receiving is in every breath and every blink of our eyes. Each morning, each afternoon, and each evening, every moment, we can renew as we choose our focus in expansion. This isn’t always easy but, it is always available, let go to love expansion. Allow new inspiration inside, be relaxed in the unknown. BE available.

I personally am finding more sweetness available as I am letting go in ways I have not been aware of being attached, letting go in more trust fills me with the sense of knowing Love, Joy, Abundant Flow in my cells there is excitement in just being. In Love Flow…

Join me in more Love Flow Opportunity this year.

Give this to yourself, uplifting expansion.

Private session – Private Package of 3 sessions

Spring Retreat – Love Flow – May 14th, 15th, and 16th 2021 – email with details to follow.

I invite you to check in for additional offerings, as I will continue to create opportunities to gather in the light the love, as we flow through the year.

To schedule sessions / packages and or sign up for the Retreat – email me at christi@christimider.com

I look forward to seeing and sharing with you.

In Loving Service


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