Responsible for What You Put Out

I want to share something you all have heard probably a million times.

Life is Karma. Some Karma we like – and some Karma we do not like.

We have co-created these frequencies. Some of the things that come forward are tihings we may have engaged in other lifetimes. Punishment is not the goal, uplifting love healing, is the transformation of Spirit, The God of Love is the source of all creation, when it is in process of alchemy from polarity in us, it came seem impossible to get to the love. I know this because I have had plenty of challenges. when someone is hitting at you in many ways, psychic ways included, they are engaged in a process for themselves too. Many times we all forget that we are not here to abuse ourselves or others, as we do this action to others, we actually end up doing it to ourselves. We may not know this in this lifetime it may be in another lifetime but, we will have the experience of what we put out. Choose love.

The way up – out is through inner loving forgiveness. if someone is unkind to you, find the place inside that wants to be unkind back, be willing not to do but, stay with that place inside, holding in a neutral love. Keep listening and hold in love and walk through the hurt and sense of powerlessness and anger, You may find stories from the past come up that you have carried around unaware of them, bring loving forgiveness to them, allow the healing focus to be your goal, not revenge or right or wrong. Open to a bigger Loving life inside and your outer life will expand in ways that seem like miracles.

This process is a deep and love light filled process. Connecting to your inner world will take you through many levels of what may seem not so fun. Focus on God in a loving heart and you will experience an altitude of Grace and understanding in time. It is worth it, to bring love to those locked off places , those places that stay in war and againstness, keeping us in poverty and a small reality.

We are infinite, Divine Beings how do we let go of the boxes we co-created thinking that is all there is. Thinking this will keep us safe, give us power and more. Change is always present, and change is the only constant we can count on. The more we fight to stay the same or control, the more we will experience separation inside and out.

We choose to let go – in Love – Let God. It Supports- Breathes us. This is a big order for some of the places that just can not see the outcome of the new or unknown and do not have trust.

Be kind but, be willing to make, be the inner change and open to receive.

Remember what you put on others comes back to you. Generous Heart is one way to go, One that knows we are here not to over throw others, to take all the space up, but to be in flow, sharing in the dance of the planet. There is room for all, see how you can allow and also take care of yourself. This does not mean let people step on your toes, but, to make space inside and out in Love. You do not have to become what others are doing or being , we are are here to lift in love. There is infinite space in this love. We choose.

In Loving Service


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