Love is Present

Be present inside. Take pause, let go of what you perceive is against, see how the against is only your illusion. When there is a conflict , you will find that is present in your inner world. When you try to control others, through negativity, rather than seeing your part is present, you find more resistance around you.

I am in a deep practice of bringing love awake inside, in every challenge. The more the negativity pushes me, I am called to go deeper in healing through more focus in Love. I am expanding in the midst of challenge. This does not mean I never experience the polarity coming up in me and I do react to others inflicting many times. I take pause, I do not hurt others but, I have upset inside. These are the times I know I am called to be love to me, to awaken and hold in love flow in peace flow. I am not in charge of others feelings, if the world chooses fight, I am called to find the places inside that need healing and move to loving. Finding the Gift, and knowing that God is Love and I am Breathed in this Love, I am willing to know this love, this heartbeat in even greater ways.

I know many people are challenged in these changing times.

I know the more we move to negative actions to resolve or ” get our way” we find that we are creating more fear and negativity in our reality. It is very hard to open a door of trust when there is only anger and stories of negativity present. I find the only way I am able to come into peace is go inside and do my inner Loving work, knowing that all situations can be strengtheners in Love and healing. Uplifting will be the outcome. So rather than see right or wrong look for the Love. Look for your challenge that is telling you that you are less than love and have shut off your loving eyes and compassion for yourself and others. We are here as reflections to each other. We may not have the same sensibilities in the way we live but, we can come into harmony when we understand, it is not about taking but, it is about flow and a dance of consideration of all. Change causes push and these places that go to upset and anger are calling for a life that is new in expansion, this is not an easy choice to keep going back inside and take responsibility for your experience what has come forward in your life.

Take time to pause and go to the love inside to the one who may be in conflict with the world or any situation that may be present. Work with the misunderstandings you carry inside you. It is not about the outer it is about what you are doing with this situation inside, what are you telling yourself about you? To resolve a conflict you must resolve it inside and you will find the doors begin to open in ease and grace. We are responsible co-creators. Remember if you inflict on another a negative control energy you are only creating more of this in the field you are living in. When upset comes do not punish yourself or others, move to the healing opportunity. We make these loving changes inside and the world will change. You are not here to control others.

This is a life path of a Spiritual Warrior. Not an easy one, it requires and big strong heart. So do your loving exercise and take all opportunities to” peel the onion ” inside, discover the sweet scent of love that is residing in the center of to all, the center of you.

You are the Beloved … to know this is a constant polishing. This means take care of yourself, and be willing to bring more harmony within – more love flow. This can be a moment by moment experience, eventually the moments string together in more natural flow. You find you are at peace in joy and loving throughout your day.

Focus on the loving you are inside and design your day from this place. let go of lack and be the love inspired experience inside and love – abundant begins to be your flow, it just shows up. Give it a try, it takes practice but, keep it simple and be the love of your life, day by day.

In Loving Service


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