Sweetness of Healing

Heal your story of separation in loving sweetness.

We come here to lift and heal the places that forgot we are Divine love. It can be a challenge to be present in love, coming together from the heart where there is pressure and disturbance. We can be moved to survival, forgetting to pause, take care of ourselves even on the run.

We all carry stories from our life experiences that we hold onto as truth, we may not know we are holding onto these beliefs or stories. They are tucked away in a frequency of existing in this way. Giving signals to the creation that this truth is present so we experience more of it. Bringing it to us over and over.

Take time to open your book of life and allow the stories that running you in separation to surface, do this with a loving intention, and intention to heal in love, forgiving in love the places that are still angry, hurt, want to control or feel unworthy. This process is an amazing awakening if you are willing to invite your connection in you to the Divine Loving flow, to be leading you as you open these doors to healing.

The sweetness of healing Love is tender and expanding . There is a freedom that comes present within, and the things that used to seem to have control over you are no longer disturbing you. They may be present in the world still but, your inner world has a knowing love is present, you are loved, you are love and there is more to come.

Take time to take care of you – you are the Key to your loving sweet healing. No one does it for you, they can assist you in unpacking your story and hold in loving attunement as you find your way. Attuning in Loving Spiritual Light – is key to Grace.

This day walk in Love, Breath in love notice the places that are shutting down, pause and just love yourself.. Be love and forgive in loving those places that struggle and believe that they are less or separate or more. Make it simple, Breathe in Love and Breathe out letting go – Continue to do this until it is all love .

Have a sweet Love filled day – Each Day, Even when it seem like there is only challenge present, there is loving present. Breathe .. you are Love….

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