Love Inspired Life – Work

I am always exploring my motivation when I am taking on a project, or simply moving in my life.

I want to keep this simple… My awareness is no matter what I am are doing – digging ditches or painting a room or sharing in a conversation with another, where I am coming from inside creates the experience of that action I am creating.

Everything comes from God inspiration, what level we are connecting to inside, if we are at all connecting in awareness from the inner, determines the ease and grace of our experience.

I have a Love Inspiration, to share with you.

Take a moment and note where you are coming from as you wash your dishes or do whatever you do throughout your day. Are you trying to be good, to please others or control others, feeling controlled or controlling etc. or are you relaxed allowing the Loving in you to come in and listening in kindness – gratitude to what is present? Keeping the intention of a God inspired day, allows sweetness and joy in all task. You may experience making a bed as sharing love with whomever may sleep there, including you.

I had a God Flow project I was holding for, it was in flow, there was some fear and other things brought forward by another. I realized, I became out of alignment with this bump, I chose to work with that part in loving, clearing what came present, taking a step away from what I was doing, so I can get more altitude, allowing the flow to come in as it will direct me. Nothing is easy when you put your willfulness on it. When you let go Let God, go step by step, and trust in the process, you will be met, even if there are meanderings. All meanderings are on purpose. Keeping your eye on Love Inspiration , allowing the unknown to manifest with intention, taking the step or steps as they come creates a beautiful loving play creative life -work. Even if you are redirected it is on purpose.

Check what you are being motivated by…inside you.

Trusting in the process is a very powerful tool inside, trust in yourself and change , attuning in love to the Beloved and walking in this flow is so beautiful fun and inspiring.

BE LOVE INSPIRED IN YOUR LIFE. WHEN YOU FEEL PULLED OFF PAUSE AND USE IT TO CLEAR AND OPEN TO MORE. Take a moment by moment check in and see if you are still in you loving and relaxed…if not Breathe in the love and Let go, keep doing this until you are present once again. You are Beloved.




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