Grateful Heart…

Simple shifts can be made in the heart when we move to gratitude. This is not new information, but, it is nice to refresh with reminders. Be grateful to yourself for what ever comes forward, this includes your willingness to keep going, bring optimism to the gratitude .

Notice how things begin to loosen inside when you move your focus to what is abundant in you and around you. Simple abundance is in every nook and cranny. You do not have to look far, to quote J..R. ‘ BE grateful for your breath.”

Calm, relax, go inside and say thank you to every cell, every heartbeat, every thought every part of you, thank you God we are One Love…

You will find your energy to be present, you becomes more available, as you are not in a pulling to fix or do but allowing. Acceptance begins to surface and things begin to open inside in a flow. Through this window you perceive or see more possibilities for all.

Give and Receive in this flow of gratitude, it is even and flowing. It does not need as all is abundant in the moment. You are Beloved. Be Love in gratitude.

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In Loving Service


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