Authentic Love

How do you love yourself? All of You.. Can you stand in your vulnerable ” mistakes” and allow yourself to be seen? Can you see that no one else has the key to your freedom? Freedom is Love, Love is an inner reality. Divine You.

Looking for approval.

I know about this, and I know that the more I was needing approval the more I lost myself. I chose a path that would take me inside , focusing on Love. This path is not an easy one, as we all tend to want to ignore, push aside, the parts of us that seem off, not so “perfect.”. I have found that the more I have embraced the awkward one, the one who makes mistakes, the one who does not know, I strengthen my Loving. I am grateful to the little ones in me who still are waking to love. I am grateful to the human in me that is willing to be seen and be loved even when I want to hide the vulnerability. I am perfectly imperfect. That is the perfect design.

Taking a chance for growth in the unknown is great step of Love. Through the years, I have chosen to continue to take part in classes and receive service from others assisting me in this inner growth, healing awakening to God. I am still in process and will be until I leave the planet. My inner classroom is in session all the time.The most powerful thing I can do for myself is be honest about my humanness while I attune inside in Loving to me as One in Sprit and receive and give within. I know that being able to share this process with others, as I am a student always, brings great vulnerability and more knowing Love is present in me for all my foibles small and big. Letting go of shame. Sharing with others takes courage and Love for myself. It is worth it.standing up and sharing in vulnerability, letting go of a costume to cover the places that are feeling out of sorts brings sweet loving healing and balance. I am still a student of me, of God Love Flow, awakening to the Oneness.

I share this to inspire you to be grateful for your joinery. Take a chance and be a student of Love in you. Not falling in love outside, though will begin to see the world through more loving eyes as you awaken in the loving inside.. You are the key, allow the door inside to open, do not be afraid of what comes forward. It is all a Perfectly Divine Design, enter in gratitude and love. Allow the Loving healing to break through in new loving ways.

Be brave, join in the classroom of Love. Let the Love awakening begin in new ways. You are worth it. Stand in vulnerability, this is an amazing loving strength .

In Loving Service


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