Loving Flow..

Letting go and allowing the heart to lead. Not emotional or mental but, a clear flow that is relaxed and open and expanded. Inspiration flow is allowing Spiritual Flow…

When we put a wall of control around us, we are not in control we are in prison of restriction. My experience is when I am challenged I find myself in a retraction, I know I have something to clear, to come awake in Love. Pretending to be at peace or in flow never holds. One of the things I have had to be willing to be honest with is, I am not in control, I am walking my life constantly being called to let go and allow the Flow of Clarity and Direction to come through. If I push or try to run others or let others run me things go flat. Harmony in Flow slows all to dance in flow. All keeping their eyes open to letting go in Love.

These times bring so many shifts ebbs and flows that learning to dance in harmony for the highest good of all can be challenging. If we only see what we “want” we may be missing what is much greater expansion in loving in sharing and caring. The doors open when harmony opens. Separation inside, not allowing the clearing and the honest letting go allowing love come forward can be a process. We have to CHOOSE to look, let go and then it is joy!

The energies of the world can toss us around, go inward, find the song of God, allow it to come awake, Do the loving Light work, clearing what is standing between you and this loving light Flow. The mind does not know what that its it will receive but, it CAN NOT not push. It can come in many ways.

I am always in a polishing of trust in Love, allowing the Spirit to reveal, I know when this happens as things align in flow.. Harmony happens and doors open in me and other may catch the wind if they choose to do the same.

Let Go Let God – It is a Blessing of Surprise..

In Loving Service


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