Love The ONE You Are With

This time of year we are focused more on joy, love sharing and caring.

What a wonderful focus for all the times.

We all are here in a human experience and in this experience we find ourselves flowing in and out of comfort and discomfort, in and out of a sense of love, joy, peace and willingness to share and care.

Love the one you are with… The one inside that resist love or is in discomfort is also Beloved.. Take a breath and go inward and bring Love to the one who is in discomfort or disturbance. Let this part of you be present, listen and allow the opportunity to be with this part and bring the loving frequency into yourself, and just love you. All parts.

If you find you have a judgement on your self or others, allow the hurt or place that feels discouraged, ostracized or unworthy to come into this loving field. Forgive yourself for judging yourself . If you have judged the discomfort love it and forgive yourself for judging the one who is uncomfortable. This is a part that does not know love and is calling for help. We may find we want to blame others, just love yourself, allow the place that keeps others inside you as your source, (your problem or your answer). Let go and forgive the judgment or judgments you have held onto that keep you in separation inside. Love the one you are with inside.

When we do this we find that we experience ourselves more and more in acceptance of ourselves and others. This leads to graceful – ease filed sharing and caring. It’s okay that these things come up. Do not deny, push down any of these orphans, they will resurface in many ways. Allow your self to love the one you are with back into love. Be the Blessing of Love that you are to yourself and then you will find overflow of love in you, in ease and grace.

Take time to be with you and God inside. The loving may surface the places that do not feel they belong as they do not know Love. Be the Love to all of you.

Time to care and share with others includes you first. Build your foundation from within, as this is where it is all happening. Beloved.. you will radiate in this love and walk your life in trust of love more and more. Keep loving. Trust Love. Your love flow is the Beloved breathing you. Be willing to let go and receive. love the one you are with…

Happy Holidays – Be the Love you are.

In Loving Service


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