Celebrate You – Refresh – Renew – Light Yourself Up !

Wishing you Happiness – Health – Creativity -Play and Abundance in All Ways.

This calendar year is closing and we open to a new one.

This is a time we celebrate letting go of the old and bringing in new opportunities. This is a symbolic time for most people. Hope and a sense it is possible to let go of old baggage and create a new experince in our lives is present.

This opportunity actually is present every day, every moment. This moment is your opportunity to know you are the key to the renewed loving space inside that allows a new expanded view of yourself and the world you are co-creating. Letting go of the places and spaces that hold onto “safe places” that have actually been blocking your love and view of what is calling you, the unknown is present. You are in the New Year Moment by Moment.

Happy New You Moment by Moment and Happy New Year !

End and Start your calendar years by setting an intention of letting go and open to your loving expanded life from within. Give Yourself and / or another a Light Session Package, setting the intention of Renewal and more. Let the Light ignite within and see what comes forward. Light Yourself Up! Series of 3 Light Sessions $900.

In Loving Service


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