Loving Living Light


There is no way to deceive the Spirit. There is no way to deceive God. As you demonstrate your ability to discern truth, to sacrifice the lesser worlds for the greater Spirit, to live in faith and creativity, to make your intelligence and will useful to you, and to be devoted and disciplined in loving service to all, you have anointed yourself in mastership.

– John-Roger, D.S.S.
(From: The Path to Mastership, p. 20)

I saw this quote this morning and felt inspired to share it. The words will be perceived through your own veils, but be open to the freedom in every word. Let go of any attachments to the meaning of the words you may carry inside from your own history and consider it is all love. Love of oneself and Love of what is. This is a constant evolving process that we are are all in.

Know we are safe in truth even when we make mistakes,  and always in our vulnerability,. This is faith in our own life which is the love song of God. We become walking love and in service to love and all that is, as we become this to ourselves. Creativity opens in the light and it flows from the light to the light we are. Loving service is available in everything, everywhere by just being  that loving. Even when you do not feel loving love that part of you and watch.

So have a loving,sharing, service day. Enjoy and play with this inside, see if you have resistance to the love, to the Beloved you are and are of. Just love that too.

In Loving


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