January 2nd, 2018 – Pause – Breath Go Within – Meditation


Pause from your busy outer doing and go within.  Transformation,  Love, Peace, and Inspiration come from with-in.

Relax, Take a breath of love in and let Go of the chatter and tension as you breathe out. Breathe in the Love – Breathe out the worry, Breathe in the Love – Breathe out the doing, Breathe in the Love – Breathe out the hurt, Breathe in Love – Breathe out the anger, Breathe in the Love- Breathe out the Peace, Breathe in the Love – Breathe out the Love, Breathe in the Love – Breathe out the Peace, Breathe in the Love – Breathe out the Love.

Now Close your eyes as you allow your breath to naturally softly breath in and out, as you go inside and relax, you feel the Love the light expanding from your Spiritual heart, flowing out through your body and beyond. You may experience your self drifting into a bliss and lifting upward. You may see a Light inside, just allow yourself to lift and follow the light.

When you are ready open your eyes and take a moment to listen to your hearts inspiration. It may be a word that will support you, it may be feeling of love and expansion that lets you know the direction for your next step or a relationship inside and in the outer. It may be an opening that allows you to receive and give in flow, freedom and abundance.

Live your life, create your Life from your Inner world, your Inner love is where it all is happening anyhow.  You are one who chooses where you focus.

Your choice to go to your Divine connection with-in, to live your life day by day, breath by breath and experience a life of uplift-ment and calm is a focus of awakening.  Peace and understanding begin to lead you and your relationship to the world, in the world. Find your inner Love, your inner peace and be this co-creator. See this, be this, in everything you do or see. Breathe in love and get in touch with your spiritual  heart  all day, every day. you are the Inspiration of Love in the Divine, Live a Divine Life. Be the love flowing in all you do and just in your presence.

Happy Life

Loving Life

Peaceful Life

Inspired in Love Life

In Love, Light and Gratitude





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