The Inner Calls…


We are in a very busy time of the year. We tend to follow the outer pull to do and ignore what is calling us in our Inner World. This inner World is how we experience and create our outer reality.

We are all Divine Beings and there is a call inside to wake up to the Light we are. To awaken we will pass through and bring forward, experiences that seem completely out of control and against us many times. We may find we focus on the fear, building on distrust and powerless energies to be safe.  We build walls even when a loving hand is available,  even when we ask for something and receive it we turn from it. When we have moved outside of ourselves, it can feel completely out of control and we can feel lost and helpless.

In this busy season and these times of constant reality shifts, we have the opportunity to know our Divinity by choosing to go within the Home we always reside in. Choosing to take the pause when we are challenged, choosing to let go of the outer and go within to heal and resolve what has been put into play can free us beyond what seems to be holding or running us. The reality is your inner reality. This is the safe place, do you know yourself? Do you know what you are? Do you know the Beloved resides within you?

You are Love and you are Loved. The places that do not know what you are will be pushed and pulled to let go, so you can be free to walk as the Beloved. Heaven on earth. Touching your Inner Beloved Kingdom allows you to walk in the light, touching and creating tis reality here.

So take care of yourself first, so you can take care of others, creating a flow of Abundance in Love as you walk in this world. What you are seeking is always available, are you looking within and opening to the Flow and receiving? This is a giving and receiving in letting go of the walls, fear, and distrust. It is not about others failing you, it is about awakening to your own Divinity and seeing you are full and whole.

Happy Loving Light Filled December to You. you are Bright Inside. Take a Look, Be and Know. The Beloved.

Much Love and light





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