July 27th & August 18th, 2018 Imagine – Opening Doors with Love – Experience – Magnifying Love Creativity – Workshop Series … A Loving Space for You is Held.


This is a continued focus as the first day was an amazing uplifting experience . I have decided to create 2 more with the same intention evolving. If you are interested in opening more of your inner doors -in Love Light, creating the song that sings your Life from this place, connecting in the world in Love.

We are co-creating our life as one and as a collective. This is happening from with-in, yet most people believe the collective, the outer world has more control of their experience in their world. We are powerful Love. When we can’t seem to find this Love within – we discover many stories, memories, beliefs and more standing inside us telling us we have no choice and we feel separate. This can feel empty but, it is only an illusion that feels like it has control.  Taking time to go within with the Light assistance and this includes gathering with those who are in the focus of Love of Light of Spirit, can assist in clearing the things that seems to standing in the way. Opening our hearts to the unknown and unseen Love is a key that you carry and unlocks the places that seem impossible.

Once our inner world becomes attuned to the love the Light we are and are of, because there is always more available unknown to us ( good news always available), we radiate this out and begin to experience,  know Love.  Intention, Love opens doors of creativity within in and we find ourselves living in this expansion. Even when it seems to be allusive, it is present. Strengthening this connection and opening to the expansion constantly, allows an inner joy, peace and love.  From this place of expansion in Love, Joy, Light, we are inspired, guided in our creativity, this spills over in creation, as it is creation. We choose and it is about our choice in acceptance to let go to Love and know more. This seems like a control at first but, once you know letting go brings freedom from these illusions, these restriction, being with our selves is a comfort, no need for an outer distraction, as that is not where we find our answers, our infinite Love is always singing in us.

Join me and a small group for a day of Loving Creativity. This will include meditation, clearing places that resist Love and playing in creativity from this loving place. How, what, would you like to experience, it starts from the inner Divine you. Waking to this you is key. So you choose, even when you do not know how, there is a way.

Date July 27th, 2018 – Time 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm

August 18th, 2018  – Time 12:30 to 6:00pm

Pre Registration is requested : Call 415-606-4883 email christi@christimider.com

Tuition: $$575 for 2 prepaid by July 6th, 2018 $600 after for 2

$300 for one class.

Payment via Venmo is available now, along with check, cash. ( Ask for other options if wanted )

Lets open ourselves to the Light we are and radiate a life of love.





1 thought on “July 27th & August 18th, 2018 Imagine – Opening Doors with Love – Experience – Magnifying Love Creativity – Workshop Series … A Loving Space for You is Held.

  1. Susan Forkush

    Did I pay you for theses next 2 sessions? If not, I’ll bring a check tomorrow if that’s ok.

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