I returned a few days ago from a 10 day Spiritual Retreat –  Peace Training.

The word training sounds like a work out and in a way it is. Building a foundation in Love, clearing the things that are keeping the negativity  that has been leading.

I understand words can only bring you the opportunity to pause and take in the possible experience of yourself in Love as a spiritual being, being…

I like to keep my intentions simple.

I am a very aware sensitive being. Not special, many are and as you awaken this becomes more evident . The beauty of knowing your own sensitivity is you become aware of how you focus yourself in this world. When I say focus it is unconscious patterns, beliefs, survival, – Karma, that pulls our attention and experience to us.

So I  would like to share my intention to notice the Love, even when the negativity is what I see, experience,  to take my entire self inside, attune and lift in Love. My Inner Love is there and it is more powerful than the negativity. My Inner negativity has been dancing with me and has served me in ways beyond what I can know. Acceptance is Key. We are in all of it and Love is there.

I am willing to sacrifice the radar pull to negativity to be safe and to set the Love radar on high and be the Love. 

So I challenge you to spend your day or days in honesty, Loving yourself when you forget the love and challenge yourself to notice the Love First and Last. If the in between is working out what has disturbed you, that is fine, just be willing to focus, intend a Loving Outcome. Letting go of separation.

We are one, and in each of us is the Beloved. Be the Beloved you seek and hold for others without hurting yourself or them. We all have our own inner realities that can create opportunities of separation, while another is holding in love we may experience negativity.

Be willing to go to the Love inside and see what path and reality you are expanding  into.

Intention Love…. Be Love…

This is a learning and yes a constant new is available. Infinite Love.

Have a Beautiful Day, Have a Beautiful Life, You are Beauty in Love Always.

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