Temple of Love



We are a Temple of Love of Light of God’s will.

Awakening in our human-ness to the Beloved we are is a Journey of love. It is simple yet seems  full of  doubts challenging  us. We want to have some sort of control over ourselves and others, we notice that just when we have a sense we have it figured out, we can be shaken.

These places are the very places the Light is pushing on to let go and allow Love. This can feel scary and out of control. That seems counter, that love feels out of control. Well the Spirit is unconditional, and therefore does not take a position of right or wrong, or even specialness. When this Spiritual Love opens inside, it will shake the places that hold tight to positions, control. We all may be doing these things in various ways. So when those places are shaken, we can shut off or choose to go into growth. when I say growth I mean expansion, beyond what has been holding us down, we go up.

We are a Temple of love, this Temple is opening it’s many doors as the light shines in rooms that have laid dormant for eons.

Open to the Breath of God and love will fill those rooms. This is a walk of Love in Strength, choosing to open doors in Love and move to a new view. The view is one of up-liftment, co-creating with the inspiration of Spirit, the inspiration of love. You will find the very things that seem to be out of reach begin to flow. Even when you do not know how to do something, you open in trusting inspiration in Love in the unknown . This brings such joy and play in creating from within, the Beloved sharing in this Life that you are co-creating with as one leads in Love Inspiration.. When you move in the willing-ness to let go and let God and you are met.

We are the Temple of God – Love –  Light.  Let yourself go, despite the fear of not knowing and you will be awakening to the unknown Love you are…


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