What are You Believing?


This is an infinite creation – God is infinite. There is infinite supply. Do we know infinite Love, do we know what we perceive is true or a story we tell ourselves? How do we qualify what is worthy?

We are learning to let go –  Let God, this takes an open heart and willingness to be honest. When we create againstness towards others, we can probably count on that being a Karma that has come present. Rather than holding the negative as truth, you have a choice to remember the negative is the illusion and take steps to open to Grace. This takes place by your willingness to step up, be honest placing your confusion, your story or stories in the light and moving to Love and forgiveness. Letting go of judgements.

You can trust love, you can trust the places that are in againstness are the places that are holding onto to separation, hurt, control, and more.

When we are in flow we are in a generous heart and there is flow. We see all is abundant and when we share we know love –  we let go of control and share in freedom.

Control is the master addiction and it can be subtle how we divide and conquer. If you are doing this in your relationships you are doing this inside to yourself. This creates great separation, a sense of fear and more will constantly be present. You will always be in a with – holding pattern to have a sense of control and the more you do this more negativity comes up and separation is present.

We are multi dimensional beings and all of these messages are being sent out from our own conscious co- created vibration, and unconscious.

Remember to be honest in what you are doing, if you are creating are you creating separation, with a for and against in it? You are the creator of your experience , what you believe through the veils of illusion are usually just that illusion. you put more energy into as you lock down in it. Flow in love and light are present in being present n the presence sharing and caring in Love.

Be Present in the discomfort and open to the flow in Love in truth.

Love is always present and will prevail when you are willing.


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