Expansion – Let Go – Let God – (Correction) all is perfect.


When we choose to or maybe more accurately, we are pulled to awaken to the Beloved we are and we are of  –  our inner and outer life begins to expand.

What does this mean? We become more aware of ourselves on the inner. When we have this awakening, we will lighten , then the things that are holding us ” down – back” – will surface. As the Light awakens in us, it Lights the places that are in resistance.

To let go – Let God – lifting out of illusion of this world, we will be confronted with the things that are actually distracting, holding in separation from the very thing we are and are seeking.

A key to this expansion for me is to be aware of the places that are retracting, be kind in loving to myself, those places have been holding to protect me. Even if it is negative talk, that talk was a protection. Moving to loving is the key in all of this, starting with yourself. Not making others wrong, understanding that what is coming forward is the very gift that will set you free inside.

Remember, you are Beloved. When something comes up inside that  is challenging your patterns, your habits, your relationships, take time and allow the one inside that is calling you into the awakening to the Love, the Beloved. Allowing the place that has been in separation to relax into the flow. Knowing that no one else holds the key to the flow of Love you are and that you a wrapped in. Forgiving in love your own misunderstanding of hurt, powerlesness and more. It is our human condition to forget who we are. The Divine essence of God.

When we awaken – it is an on going process. We get free, and we know, then we have another place that shows up that does not know love the Divine, as we keep waking in this loving light,  we know each one of these orphans is just fine and we hold in loving as we open to  the Grace – the letting go in Love. None of it is wrong, we are remembering the orphans home in Love. Nothing needs to be different, only loved. This may be an uncomfortable experience, as that is what has been holding in discomfort. Comfort is present as we allow this process in love.

When love enters into each one of these places we let go. The key is to let go and receive in vulnerability. Receiving is key. We tend to want to control, so letting go and receiving -giving begins to be a oneness of flow in the Divine essence of Spirit.

We will lift in love, knowing the Beloved is present in all things.

Be well in your growth, allowing the disruptor to be your key to your freedom through – in Love. you are Beloved…



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