Love – Innocence – Acceptance – Present In The Presence.


Acceptance is uplifting love.

See the One who shows up,  makes mistakes or feels out of place and clumsy or  whatever else comes up through your loving heart.

Remember, keep getting up and you are loved in all of this. Be Kind to yourself, and open to the inspiration of Love, the Divine Essence is present in you, around you Breathing You.

There is infinite support and supply, you are of that creation. Love is the opening to the flow of receiving and giving. When your heart is closed to you or others, you are shut off to the flow of infinite abundance, inspiration comes out of this. All has love in it, you are here to love. Loving yourself, the parts that seem imperfect, is the first place of freeing yourself from the limits you put on yourself. When you limit yourself by judging yourself, you limit your life. You are of the Infinite Beloved.

Awaken the places to the flow of the Divine Presence that is Breathing You.

Love it all, and open to uplifting, moving in the flow of support,  be surprised by what shows up inside and out. You are Beloved always.

In Loving Service


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