Letting Go Move to Acceptance Flow What does that mean?

Today … I am called to share as I watched my day unfold in a series of challenges or opportunities.

Control verses a Loving Inner awareness and staying in freedom as you accept what is present. When you accept, go inside, allow the choice of clarity in alignment to surface. This will have a calm and loving clarity. There may be a journey of unwinding and revealing many things you carry inside that keep things muddled.This may include you are not doing what others want you to or if you are doing what has come forward in clarity, you are in freedom to go step by step.

I found myself in a few situations that brought up a sense of lack in me. I had a sense I need to please to be supported. This is not a stable foundation inside and easily kicked out from under me. Remembering I am not responsible for others while, loving me and them in freedom which brings a beautiful dance. Not allowing my focus and clarity to be thrown off because of others confusion pulling at me to step into that energy. No victim here, just observing the dance inside, which is where all this happens. Weighing inside in Love what is true and clear as opposed to a should or coming from what I perceive allowing others needs to control , or more accurate giving others power inside. ” If I do not do it this way they will leave and I am abandoned or if they leave I am lost?” That is an example

If I believe I am found because of another person, I am lost.

The first line of support is an inner Loving flow, inner guidance. Connection inside to Spirit. Our Inner world is key to all else. Taking time to regroup,, choose to connect inside to the loving clarity. Stepping away from the busy chatter of the world and situation, finding center in Spirit will begin to reveal what is present to take part in for the Highest Good. Next step is trust, trust yourself and that a pause is just what the Doctor ordered in order for you to know in clarity, what is in alignment. Trusting that what comes forward has loving purpose, .Trust that something is being worked out for a more expanded authentic experience. No rushing into things. Be aware of oneself in the whole flow of Spirit and you will know all is well. Then you may find things do move quickly in ease grace and clarity, no pause. There is no cookie cutter, you will learn to trust in discernment.

Things are in constant change, so nothing is in stone. As we step into our lives, becoming aware that our choice of today may shift as you finish with that experience. It just changes shape inside and out. Be open to expanded life experience. Life…is a moving. What does the experience bring in upliftment and healing, co -creating a more authentic flow?

Love is the generator , it opens doors, flow begins to be present. Inspiration is coming forth in new ways. Step by Step, we are present in love flow inside and out.

To share with a bit more, just writing this unwinds the blocks I may have. Maybe it will give you a glimmer into you.

My loving work is about holding a loving mirror with Spirit for you. You have this in you, we all help one another, yet it always inside where we know the shift, the healing the truth as we awaken to God.

Be Loved –

In Loving Service


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