Love of Self – Acceptance of All of You


Taking time to be with you, to open the doors of all the hidden places that you have ignored or denied, hoping they would just go away, is key to self care, which is self Love.

Acceptance in yourself all of yourself is a challenge for most. I am not talking about righteousness to protect but, gentle patients, and taking time to go within and allow you to blossom through healing and awakening the Divine within all parts of you.

Remember – be mindful even in the Breath you take, it has and is Divine Breath. Be aware and you will begin to open to your own self awareness. It may feel uncomfortable at first but, if you will trust the steps, as you open to you in Love, you will find what you are seeking. It is all with you in you, to know this, you must be present with you.

You may find the pull from the outer relationships challenge this, but do not worry you are loved and supported as you choose you as you expand in this awareness. Trust in Love, are you choosing in love or something of an against nature? Love is not about pleasing others or even others pleasing you, it is a flow that is infinite. You are Love, to know the Divine love, is know where you are and what you are, who you are is perfect in all your imperfections, to know you are full and not alone as you are the Beloved of the Beloved that is Breathing you.

You will become more comfortable with being with you as you. you will find the places you have disconnected from, to not be present with you. You may find a need to shift yourself and choose how you spend your time in new ways. Change is constant.

Be Love, choose love and this love grows – flows from within. There will be overflow once you attune to this inner flow and you will find peace within, without the pull of need. Be present in the Presence and all is…

Take Care of yourself – Awaken the Divine within. This is a life journey of Divine – Self discovery.

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