Reflection – Inner World That The Outer World Stirs. A Little More on This.

I know most people are aware the world at this time is being called to choose a Peaceful Unity and we are seeing this war move us in many ways, wanting the solution of peace to prevail. Inside we most likely have many ups and downs happening, how do we be the peace – hold the loving peace frequency as we may find our own upset pushing us from within?

I am personally aware of a deeper loving and peace at the same time there is some old situations, I “thought, felt, beleived” I was at peace with. One of them involved what was an unkind unraveling. I have been working with my own sense of powerlessness to the ” bully” that keeps kicking me inside. I clear it in Love and it comes back up when things in the world reflect it. I am being honest as I write this, I do not have a defined completed altitude – healing on this. I do know at moments I see and know the love is present in me and the others. I also have a challenge completely letting this go without, being understood. The thing is even if others understand, it will not be clear until I see from an understanding Soul perspective, and forgive completely. I am Willig to be this, I want this, and I am still travailing the steep slopes of my humanness. So I am Breathing in the love and allowing the upset one inside me to be loved. Not making it about the other person , people.

When I can truly love myself as I am – allowing vulnerability – I open the door for Spiritual assistance to wrap this little one in love and show the way bathed in Love. This may take time as this one seems to be taking me time, I am in acceptance. I am the key to healing me , I give this over to all the assistance I can receive. Starting with the understanding I may never understand why this is permitted to be supported, what the purpose is but, I am willing to go for my own inner knowing of the purpose for me. Then I am free in Love. To live free inside will allow me to be at peace and go on serving in Love in my life.

I want to add to this writing. , In me…there is a knowing that all has purpose for my life expansion awakening to God that I am, I am of. It is a perfectly designed challenge for me. I also want to say, I have many experiences similar that have given me a deeper knowing of Divine love – understanding and all is free, all is on purpose. When I am not in this knowing, I treat myself with loving and understanding. I do not pretend Im understand. I allow the process to uplift the places that have not yet known the light again. So it is an experience of knowing and not knowing in innocent willingness.

The frequency of the planet is pretty busy with polarity opportunities. Take care of yourself and give those places that may be surfacing attention to come into healing GRACE. This is a wonderful thing when we can come into our own inner peace and walk in the world spreading this intention by being this peace., placing this intention towards the disturbances, placing a loving peaceful blessing towards an upset inside and something going on with the outer world is powerful. It counts.

I find that some days I am just Blessing all day, as I have many experiences of push pulls, though the peace comes forward more quickly. This war has brought deep compassion and I see people responding in this loving peace intention. It is who all are.

Allow your own inner upsets to be taken care of, as this allows relaxation and there is more room for love. You will find it is natural and you are important. your Loving frequency flows out. It is another loving frequency touching another loving one and so on and so on. This can move the planet as we allow this in our own selves to flow.

Take this time to Bless yourself , be the peace, heal and share.

In Loving Service


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