Monthly Archives: December 2010

What are we looking at? The past, what is to come, or what is here now.

Seeds to the imagination, the creation. All can be, but all that is important is what we do with now. Do we fill our hearts and knowing with the abundance at hand, creating our lives from the fullness of the moment.

Do you yearn to see the wholeness or do you know the wholeness is here in you as you are now?

Peace can be found by surrendering to what is known now, but inspiration and peace come from surrendering to the unknown with an open loving heart and mind.

It is all here. It is all you. Peace.


In the stillness is everything. No need to reach outside yourself or the moment, be here and now. There is movement and change in it all. You are walking in grace. You are grace.

Embrace yourself, do not miss the beauty and love that you are. Do not miss the beauty that reflects you. Be here and now. Be present…

As we cross into new reality, it may seem like nothing is clear. Sometimes it is though we are suspended out in the middle of nothing without any support or understanding of what is to come. We can only see what is here and now. 

Breath into your center, reconnect to yourself and all will come clear. Be in the now and you will know that all is well and you are still safe and on your path. Even if we think we know what it should look like and it is still unclear, there is something bigger and more than you could imagine happening. Refocus on you in the moment, let go of your doubts and fears and see what is here in front of you now. Let the trust, abundance, and love guide you into the next step. 

Your mind is limited but, your open heart can create with the unknown. Your mind can start a blueprint but do not limit yourself to that. Be open to the unknown. 

Know who you are and what you are of is love, and you will know peace, joy, love, and abundance now and in all your creations. Do not be fooled by your fears.

Do you trust yourself? Do you trust your love? Do you trust?