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Bask in the kindness of your loving heart. When we let go of judgment of ourselves and others, remembering we are all ordinary perfection, we can enjoy our lives without restrictions. Yes we will have challenges but, those are the stepping stones of growth not our failures. When we judge our challenges we judge ourselves, creating negativity in our lives, our bodies,and our hearts. Negativity is what we will experience. Refocus on the truth, you are still love, even when you make mistakes, this is human, love is divine, you are divine at all times.  This is the truth, so Be Love and it will over flow in your life, even when you are challenged. You choose what you create, restriction, judgement, negativity, or trust and love. You choose how you show up in your life, judgmental ,and fearful, or open, and loving.

Relax and surrender to your own loving and enjoy the warmth of life.

The light of our hearts will always illuminate the way. If it lifts us up we know we are on the right path. We can see through all the entangled blocks, if we can trust and focus on what inspires and lifts in the heart and the sense of self. There is no resistance when we are in alignment.

Trust the illumination of truth and love… Trust you…

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When we rest we are still in movement. We can just allow ourselves to rest on the support of the source that we are of. The source holds the substance that reflects and guides us on our journey. If we are willing to trust in the stillness we can relax and receive the constant loving transformation that is always going on. Listen in the stillness and embrace what is present. No effort is needed, only love and trust….  

We are one…

What seems to be our solid form is only a denser context of the energy we are of. We can never really be separate because we are all of the same loving creation. It may appear or feel as though we  are standing alone even when we are with others, but that is only our limited view. That alone feeling is only our fears of knowing our selves completely. Just look around you at the life and people you have brought into your reality. They all reflect you. Learn to love yourself and all of your imperfections as perfections and you will learn to love the others in your life, creating harmony in your world. Be open to all of it and you will be open to give and receive the loving abundant life you are creating.

Be one with your loving….. 

When things seem most confusing and unclear, is the time we must go into our inner trust and lean more into our loving. Just because we cannot define what is happening at the moment does not mean something is wrong, it means change is happening. You choose what you would like to focus on the fear of the unknown or all the divine unknown possibilities that are manifesting through your knowing and focus of love. 

Redefine your reality with your loving, always knowing this is the core of who you are and what you are of. Trusting in this can be one of the most challenging things we do, yet it is the one thing we all want. We do not have to want love we are love. be love and watch the confusion and fears drop away. Allow the unknown to unfold through your loving eyes. It can be better than anything you could have imagined.

We can live our lives choosing to focus on the nourishment that is present and let all that is not uplifting drop off. All of it may come in together but, we can keep the loving and learn to let go of the rest. The rest may have come to teach us what we have been holding on to that is not working. Do not judge the negativity, just use it as information to transform that part of you into loving nourishment.

Drink in the loving experience of life. 

“Your past is not your future”

As we walk on the path of life that we are laying out for ourselves, we sometimes get stuck in the shadows of the past. Lingering in the memory of what was. If we stay in this it can become cold and lonely, creating the illusion that we are powerless. If we are willing to understand that the past was just experience giving us information for growth. We can use the information to become a more authentic us. Creating a light filled reality in this moment, knowing the future we are creating in this moment will continue to manifest in a new and more authentic, abundant, loving way.

We are not the past we are more…. Are you willing to be new and more, what ever your situation in life is. It does not take courage to be this but, love and faith in yourself and all. Even the most difficult challenges have grace in them, do not let your fears or illusions take away your loving essence. Do not miss your opportunity to live this life embracing all that it is, not matter what may be handed to you. This is a time for growth and new. Embrace it, Create it, Love it. Not by effort but by loving surrender and willingness to move to truth and love.


Relax,Breath deep the air of life. Expand with the filling of creation. Hold this in your heart as truth of life. Remember this is you, all of you and it it always here.

How do you see yourself?  Through the haze is the answer. It is all the essence of the final home. You are the home, do not strain to see, know it is here, it is you. The true substance is the loving and the loving is you, it is home.

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